Letter to Meathaus: Ryoko Sagara

Helmet Underground & Riko

Ryoko Sagara sent Meathaus a package all the way from Japan, a first for our letters column! Ryoko, who also goes by “Helmet Underground & Riko”, put together a nicely presented stash of reproductions of her drawings about owls and cats and wolves and teens pouting and acting cute in ’80s punk band t-shirts. There is even a real pressed flower under a sticker on the package. Inside a candy-striped pleasant-smelling envelope, Ryoko wrote:

“Dear Meathaus, hello Meathaus. How do you do? I’m 26 years old Japanese, and indie pop illustrator. I love drawing a illustration on the warm bed. My inspiration from music, dreams, travel, and memories. I make a tiny zine every month. (Puppy of a Caravan; take free zine) If you see my drawings, I’m glad. Thank you very much. XOXO Helmet Underground & Riko”

Thanks for the zines, drawings, and nice letter, Ryoko. Haha I think it might make Mrs. Meathaus jealous. Check out Ryoko’s myspace page over here.

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