Basic Microwaving

Basic Microwaving Food Photography and Info-Graphics

I’ve been really getting into the photography and info-graphics in my copy of Basic Microwaving by Barbara Methven recently. The photographs of food in the book range from tasty looking to kind of repulsive.

Basic Microwaving Food Photography and Info-Graphics

It is strange that food from old cookbooks routinely can look gross and it makes me ponder whether it is the changing styles in cooking, food presentation or food photography that are affecting my perception. Overall the food in this book looks real, like your grade school friend’s mom just made it and piled it onto your plate and it tastes kind of gross and oh gag what is that chewy bit stuck in your teeth and so on. This could be one of the main differences with the imagery you’ll find today which is surely heavily edited, processed, and idealized like a cover model’s fatty tissue.

Basic Microwaving Food Photography and Info-Graphics

These super cool photos are credited to Michael Jensen, Ken Greer, Jack Mithun, and Warren Reynolds, with no info on the graphics except that the design and production was by Cy DeCosse Creative Department, Inc.

And apparently in 1978, you could use metal in a microwave.

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