Just Go Do It

Ancient Justice

Recent track by rock monsters, Ancient Justice, that always inspires me to shut down the whiney train and Just Go Do It. Ancient Justice is Ben, Liam and Chris (me), and we record and write every song simultaneously. I was trying to figure out the lyrics to this song that Ben sung on and no one really could make most of it out. This is what we have so far and besides the first verse, the rest is kind of garbled:

Stop coming with a bad attitude
Just tell me what you wanna do and go do it
Just go do it
I wanna be inspired by you not annoyed by you
Just go do it
I’m coming with your sausage link
I’ve gotta run and bring your drink
Just go get it
Just go get me something to drink
Those links are so salty delicious
I said I gotta get outta this stop and think
And stop and think before I cross the street
And I’m early
But I’ll never get to where I’m going
So people around are moving ahead and I’m standing still
He looks out his window


Jenny offered this:

It was like this weekend
He looked down at the radio and he said:
“confident, frats were thinking about the residents”
And the seizures gotta sack of raining… go do it.

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