Letter to Meathaus: Maxwell Paternoster

Letter to Meathaus: Maxwell Paternoster

Maxwell Paternoster writes from London:

“Dear Meathaus, I have enjoyed reading the Meathaus site for some time now. What a good resource for artwork and information.

I thought I would send you this zine that I did which has work by me, Luke Ramsey and Alex Chiu. The first couple of pages are a collaboration between Luke Ramsey and I. I am also doing another comic that is unfinished. I have also included another zine that I did called Face Trill. I have a website also, which also contains a blog. Have a look if you get the chance. Thank you, cheers.

P.S. If you like bike art check out my side project. That’s my Corpses From Hell motorcycle gang site.”

Thanks for the zines, drawing and letter, Maxwell! Clubcard Accepted is inexplicably a great name for a zine full of collab drawing.

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