Bill Plympton Animation Book

Bill Plympton Animation Book

Bill Plympton is the ideal case study for all independent animators who want to achieve some level of success doing what they love to do: producing animation that pleases themselves and their audience. While it is all relative, most would agree that continued survival while working with creative autonomy is a major benchmark of indie animation success. Fortunately for artists everywhere, Bill has written a new book (with David B. Levy), that details his history of success and failure in animation and live action filmmaking. As the art director of the book, I’ll be able to share peeks at its progress over the coming year here and there. As an independent animator myself, I’m already inspired from reading Bill’s rough draft, and planning my next short. Keep this book in mind and be sure to pick it up next year. Pair it with Jon M. Gibson and my previous book about Ralph Bakshi, and you’ll have yourself a double visual ass-kicking any time you need to motivate yourself back on track on your own indie production. Above is a small detail of the cover drawing from Bill’s book.

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