Winding Down This Wallet Frenzy

Poketo Art Wallets

The winner of the 2nd POKETO wallet was chosen yesterday from people who responded to the call for entires on Twitter and Lidia won that. Today, Tristan was chosen by the random computer from the 66 of you that responded to the call for entires from our registered users and he gets the 3rd wallet. We have two more wallets to give away so what I’m doing is adding up all the entries from the comments, twitter and email replies and selecting two more winners from that pile. So you all get another two shots at one of these bad boys. I’ll follow up in the comments on this post in 20 or so minutes and of course I’ll email the winners to notify them.

EDIT: The deed is done. See comment if you care to.

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All right, thanks again everyone for entering to win one of these sweet giveaways! The random computer has selected Christian A. from the twitter group and Michael B. from the meathaus users group and both have been notified! Maybe we’ll get more free stuff to throw at you in the future. It’s been fun. Consolation prize for everyone else: we all get to live another day.

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