Letter to Meathaus: Dusty Neal

Letter to Meathaus: Dusty Neal

Dusty Neal of Sistine Press sent over a letter and his new zine, ÖVVERKVILL which is of sturdy red paper and cardboard cover construction and contains drawings, collages and mysterious incantations. I spared our more sensitive readers an image of the photo of the cool mummy head on the other side of the letter. The letter reads:

“DARKEST HAILS MEATHAÜS Thanks for the never-ending stream of inspiration by informing me of the greatest art out there at all times. As an offering to the gods of MEATHAÜS I present to you my first zine, ÖVVERKVILL from Sistine Press, my new name for all future projects. Thanks so much!!”

No problem, Dusty, it’s just what we MEATHAÜS gods do. Thanks for the expertly produced zine! Check out Sistine Press for more Dusty publications. And check out one of my favorite drawings in the book, the swine, featured in this post on Dusty’s blog here.

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