Yuko Shimizu Illustration

Yuko Shimizu Illustration

Yuko Shimizu illustrates expertly in ink then often does a bunch of digital color steps to get to her finished piece. Her blog is great because she shows off a lot of process sketches and digital steps and my favorite part, the ink on paper. The black and white pieces on this post really struck me as spectacular because they seem closer to a state of analog immediacy, but who knows, there may have been multi-digi-layers of gray and texture. Not that it matters. Just excuse me working through some personal art issues here in public and go check Yuko’s nice work.

Yuko will be in a show with Tomer and Sam Weber at the Society of Illustrators opening Friday September 10th at 6:30pm.

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There is a very minor Photoshop treatment on his piece. Leaves were lightened to gray, and There are some light flat gray layers on what the Kappas are wearing. But textures are not manipulated. Drawn as is on the paper.

love this piece. I agree the textures look handmade.
that is when photoshop is best- when you can’t tell how the hell it was done. Adds to the mystery. Even though this is B&W, it has so much depth with the gray tones. Yuko is amazingly talented.
And now I just read Yuko’s comments- I can see the watercolor paper texture on the leaves. I love the fuzziness on the edges.

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