New James Portrait Show

Selma Blair Portrait by James Jean

James is doing a series of portraits of Los Angeles actors, musicians and such for a fashion-centric show in West Hollywood that will be up for a few days with an opening on Friday, September 10th. Check the details here.

I’m really bad at knowing actors’ names and likenesses, but the above piece is apparently Selma Blair, and after a quick image search it is obvious James nailed her likeness. My own celebrity sightings after living a combined ten years in New York and Los Angeles amount to about, 1) Ludacris waiting for a ride at LAX, 2) Hank Azaria eating eggs at the 101 Diner, and 3) Matt Groening pretty much every time I went into Meltdown Comics. Shows who I know about.

James also threw up some cell phone progress shots of what I can only assume is another portrait in the series. But that’s why I bring up my actor-recognition-deficiency: I don’t know who this is, do you?

James Jean Portrait Drawing Progression

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