Ryan Peltier Art

Ryan Peltier Art

Eyeball this neat work by Ryan Peltier on his website here and blog. On Illustration Mundo, there is also a recent interview with him.

Not meaning to single out Ryan, but his interview brought up a subject that is fascinating to me: what are the days like for other freelance/one-person-business-people out there. I like to hear about the basics, like how much time is devoted generally to work and how much can be afforded to leisure. A lot of that has to do with individual artist’s temperament and the work they are producing and how efficient they are at their own process. People who really have their systems worked out also understand the value in the leisure, rest and variety of experiences they have when not working all the time. Ryan is currently in school working on a masters degree, however, and that’s a different equation than when one is full-time freelance.

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