Letter to Meathaus: Jesse Tise

Space Spells zine by Jesse Tise

Jesse Tise sent over a package with a zine called Space Spells and letter in it. The zine looks good and feels good. It is made on gray paper, maybe of a thicker variety newsprint, with a mysterious printing process, all cut and bound precisely. Maybe inkjet on newsprint. That’s what I’m thinking. The letter reads:

“I really dig your website, and all the cool art + comics you guys show. Wanted to send you my newest zine, a booklet inspired by the music of flying lotus! Hope you dig it… like a spigot! Cheers, Jesse Tise”

Thank you Jesse! I do indeed dig it and have been caressing its tactile pages for the last minute. See more Jesse Tise work at and Flickr.

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