Letter to Meathaus: John Thomas

John Thomas Mindforts

Last spring I did a presentation of my work in the UArts Illustration Department, met some students and saw/critiqued selections of their work, and had an overall decent time considering that it was essentially part of an eight hour long job interview. I wore a nice shirt. One of the students in attendance was John Thomas, and he recently sent Meathaus a package with a book enclosed called Mindforts along with a letter:

Hi Chris,
I am a junior illustration major at the University of the Arts. I saw your presentation for the illustration faculty position last spring and have been following Meathaus since. This book is the first edition of my new personal work from this year, it is also the first edition of books that I have screen printed and bound. I would truly appreciate being shown on Meathaus next to all of the other amazing work you show, or at least on your bookshelf in a favorable spot. Either way, I hope you enjoy Mindforts as much as I did making it.
Thank you,
John Thomas
Some pages glow in the dark! & they are on sale on my website!

Thanks, John! This book is finely crafted. Every page is screen printed, some with multiple colors and gatefolds, transparent glow in the dark ink, and hand-bound with string stitched through the spine. The cover is especially attractive with the inventive letters used to spell MINDFORTS. For more shots of the book interiors and John’s other work, check here on Flickr.

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