Plympton’s Idiots & Angels Screenings

Bill Plympton's Idiots & Angels

Mentioned before here, I am working with Bill Plympton designing an art book about his life and work, which will be published by Universe next year. Featured in the book, Idiots & Angels is Bill’s latest feature film. He has two screenings set up, one on October 6th at the IFC Center on 6th Ave in NYC and the other on October 29th at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in LA. As Bill has been describing on his shared blog with Patrick Smith, Scribble Junkies, a lot is riding on those two night’s screenings. See part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Bill’s “Idiots’ Diary”. Successfully filling the seats with butts on those two nights is the first major hurdle, then getting a raving crowd response and reviews are the next goals. Finally, Bill would like some Oscar nominations, thank you very much. Bill has been there before, being a twice-nominated director. A fresh nomination (and the additional screenings that would come with it) would likely be enough to help push Idiots over the small mountain of expenses that it wrought to the other side: at least breaking even. Or as most independent artists would call it, “success”!

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