Trubble Club Comics

Trubble Club Comics

Trubble Club Comics are great jam comics! Posted about before here, they just keep coming. Every panel is funny, well drawn, and actually relates to the other panels. The strips are collected into mini comics by the Club, and you can pick up a few at Quimby’s. These are some seasoned comics makers here, just take a look at the Trubble Club contributors list and description lifted from their blog:

Trubble Club rendezvous in secret each Sunday. Contibuters include: Trevor Alixopulos, Nate Beaty, Thorn Brandt, Jeffrey Brown, Al Burian, Lilli Carré, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Joshua Cotter, Anya Davidson, Edie Fake, Jose Garibaldi, Tom Kaczynski, Lucy Knisley, Travis Lampe, Alec Longstreth, Bernie McGovern, Corinne Mucha, Rachel Niffennegger, Onsmith, Laura Park, Aaron Renier, Grant Reynolds, Sam Sharpe, Joe Tallarico, Becca Taylor, Craig Thompson, Jeremy Tinder, Marco Torres, Carrie Vinarsky…

Their recent post features Renee French as a guest Trubble Clubber, even.

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