Letter to Meathaus: Death Party Zine

Letter to Meathaus: Death Party Zine

Dusty Neal of Sistine Press sent over a second zine and letter to say thanks for posting the first zine and letter we posted which he sent, which is obviously a sweet deal for Meathaus. But you get to spy some pages of it as well above. Death Party is its name. Dusty writes:

Dear Meathaus, Hey guys, thanks for posting the OVVERKVILL zine and the kind words. I just finished this mini zine, Death Party, and I’m pretty stoked on it, so I thought I’d send you a copy. The only thing you really need to know about it is that it’s full of dead people. Thanks again for being non-stop-awesome. Cheers, Dusty Neal, Sistine Press.

Thanks again, Dusty. Like the last zine, this one has got some serious, thick, photocopy or laser ink on there. A prime printing job with delightful drawings.

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