Letter to Meathaus: Split It Out

Letter to Meathaus: Split It Out

Goatheadcorp and Dancok wrote Meathaus:

“I am Danang AKA Dancok from Jakarta, Indonesia. My mate just told me about your website and I really like it, give me lots of inspiration!

I just made a split art zine with friend/local artist named goatheadcorp. It features some of our collage artwork and a collaboration. This is our first zine ever, limited strictly to 5 copies … Best regards from both of us, Danang AKA Dancok and Christ AKA goatheadcorp”

Letter to Meathaus: Split It Out

Thanks for sending this zine (and additional color copy version) all the way from Jakarta, this is our first mail from Indonesia. And thank you for the zine, the hand made and digital collages were enjoyable to look at. I especially like the Exquisite Corpse style collaboration (red background, above right) titled, “Book” which as described in the zine is inspired by a song titled, “Jangan Bakar Buku” (Don’t Burn the Books) from Jakarta band Efek Rumah Kaca.

Peace on the planet.

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