Letter to Meathaus: Dave Nuss

Letter to Meathaus: Drew Beckmeyer Comics

Dave Nuss, publisher of neat stuff at Revival House Press, sent over a copy of their latest release, Everything Unseen #1, by Drew Beckmeyer. He writes in part:

“… I feel it presents a unique twist on the dystopian epic. Coming from a fine arts background, Beckmeyer’s approach to comics is novel and thrilling … We’re debuting it at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco along with another book, Trigger #2, by Mike Bertino …”

(Mike Bertino previously posted about here).

Thanks Dave! The book looks intriguing with heavy dollops of creepy, naked, perhaps some dramedy. You can learn more about Drew’s work on his website, illustration blog, and blog. Both this and the Bertino book look like solid choices to pick up at APE.

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