Playboy Townhouse Gets Animated

Playboy Townhouse Gets Animated

The most popular posts on are often the ones that are least related to our actual focus here: posting about (and making) drawings, illustrations, comics and cartoons. Most of these heavy hitting posts were thrown up here early on in our bloggin’ days before we hit a solid stride and focused the content a bit. I’ll give you a few examples of posts that people still love to click on:

Hanna Liden Photography: What is it about this post that has been attracting whackjobs to comment in sentence fragments for years now? I don’t understand… maybe you can explain?

More Awesomely Bad Tattoos: Bad tattoos are always funny to look at, and I think the images from this post had or still do rank pretty high in image searches, so that explains why people keep coming back. Still, the images were unscrupulously lifted from other sources without credit, and it’s a post that wouldn’t cut the mustard for posting these days.

Do It Yourself Doodler: Here is one recent and deservingly popular post at least, Dave Jablow’s drawing project first gained wide internet attention here thanks to Dave’s kind tip-off, and it is still one of our most popular posts since.

Zdzislaw Beksinski Paintings: The work of Zdzislaw Beksinski is outstanding and horrifying so I understand why this post is still popular. However the post doesn’t offer any original content that you wont find on the site that it links to. There is a weird discussion that developed on the post about Beksinski’s unfortunate ending.

I’m skipping a few other popular posts down to our first mega-hitter…

Hairstyle Names From 1970s Ebony Ad: I think this was the first time one of our posts was Boing-Boinged so it got massive hits and continues to be popular with a mixture of both reasonable commenters and nuts who must be swinging by after commenting on the Hanna Liden post.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that one of our other early, popular posts keeps getting revived in new ways. All we can take credit for is appreciating the interestingness of an article in an old Playboy magazine and scanning it for the world to re-appreciate online. The world, in turn, has confirmed its interestingness. The latest development is further proof: Someone has gone to the trouble now of modeling the entire townhouse in 3D and uploading fly-through videos. See posts about this on Ivy Style and Curbed, where the animation is embedded in the articles.

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