Angry Jim Interview

Angry Jim Cartoon Interview

“Angry” Jim Campbell was too sweet, humble, and modest to tell anyone about this recent interview on Vice, again by Nick Gazin, but I found it. Above is the first page of the cartoon conversation, but there are four more pages that include a perfectly boiled-down cartoon Farel doing the perfect annoyed-at-Nick-eight-years-ago face. Jim does a lot of expert coloring work for Tony Millionaire’s books. Like Tom says in the comments, Jim is a born cartoonist.

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I sure miss the comics from Jim, which is probably my favorite from the anthologies. Hope to see a new comic like soon! 🙂

Fond memories of Mu screaming fuck you at me in the middle of the street at the top of his lungs with his finger pointed at the sky. Mu’s one of my main influences.

Uh, not old, but sort of old timey. Probably in the range of lots of Meathaus crew, late 20s to mid 30s. Hey Jim, I want you to dig up that Meathaus Ancient Secret Society comic you did years ago if you can find it! I could read self-referential comics about us all day. There’s at least five people who would enjoy those.

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