New Victor Cayro Comics

New Victor Cayro Comics

Victor Cayro is working on a new filthy, intense comic and sent over some sweet sneak peeks for you to look at while you wait. You’ll find more Cayro art over here where you can write him and purchase original art to support his continued comics work.

EDIT: Victor noted in the comments that the GALACTIC BREAKDOWN art is a tribute piece separate from his new comics work below it, see the comment for details.

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Thanks Chris! Galactic Breakdown is actually an awesome self released comic series by Keenan Marshall Keller, my contemporary/ publisher, I just couldn’t contain myself and lovingly drew an interpretation of his cover for the upcoming issue. Log onto drippy bones books on the internet, align your paypal into the buy the first 2 issues mainframe, engage, and lock into I want to be entertained when reading a comic mode.

And yes, please write me and buy all my original artwork.

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