Craig Frazier Art

Craig Frazier Art

Craig Frazier is an illustrator and author of picture books and has set up multiple interesting websites for you to look at. 36 Pages is where Craig takes a look at new and old picture books alike and shares his thoughts about them, some images, and sometimes process material and interviews with the creators. Craig’s portfolio site is here, where you can also link to other sites which he has set up in the past as structures in which he was forced to create new work on a schedule, such as CF52 and 98 Pages. Creating a structure for personal work production is important for freelance artists so that they keep producing work even when there is not a commercial reason compelling them to do so. The reasons are innumerable to stay busy creating work for one’s self. For example, Craig notes that his new picture book published this year was created based on drawings doodled in his sketchbook.

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