Letter to Meathaus: Renso Gonzales

Letter to Meathaus: Renso Gonzales

Renso sent over a package from Peru last month that was bulging and lumpy and included a “zip-lock bag” on the customs declaration which I think is why it was apparently opened at some point along the way by Peruvian or U.S. postal inspectors. It was cut open and re-taped and looked like it had been through a serious postal gauntlet. But it was just full of comics and pins and neat stuff:

“Para Meathaus:

My name is Renso Gonzales, from Lima, Peru. Not sure if you remember me, I sent you some work before which was included in your zine The Melting Pot.

Ten years ago, along with my brother Amadeo we started publishing a xeroxed mini-comic called Carboncito, which later became a magazine and has been out for the past 10 years now. We are publishing an issue per year and so far have published 13 issues, where we have been publishing comics and illustrations not only from Peruvian artists but also works by artists from Argentina, Colombia and Chile. The issue I’m sending here is the latest one, which was released on September this year. Also, I’m including two other zines we have published. One is Pastel Comics which is my brother’s zine, which contains some of his drawings and comics, and some drawing by me and a friend; and the other zine is a personal publication called Perdidios in Lima ((we are) Lost in Lima) which is a series of drawings I did of different places in Lima. Comes with a pin and a mini poster I hope you enjoy them!

Also we post some news and drawings at our blogs:

Carboncito Magazine:
Renso Gonales:
Amadeo Gonzales:

Renso Gonzales

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