Thank You For Reading Meathaus

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I wanted to say thanks to all the readers of as well as of our books. Thank you to everyone who writes in with their comments and suggestions for art as well. I feel bad for not being able to respond individually any more, but the daily posting on Meathaus already eats up all the time I can allot to this project (and often more). Maybe some day the Meathaus website will generate more income that could allow more time for working on it—like a job! Until then I’ve got to continue to work on other neat stuff. But I’m not complaining: right now everything is pretty smooth. The Google ads and the occasional ad sales via blogads pay the server bill. Sales of Meathaus books make up the rest of the difference, and then any excess gets plowed back into more book production and table costs at the few comics shows we do still. The website traffic has been growing steadily, especially thanks to blog-brothas Cartoon Brew, BOOOOOOOM and Drawn! And there are some murky plans solidifying for new books in 2011, so keep your best eyeball primed and peeled.

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