Letter to Meathaus: Mograg

Letter to Meathaus: Mograg

In an envelope sent to Meathaus all the way from Tokyo, we received this handsome magazine Mograg with cover art by oki chu, and a note:

“Dear Meathaus, we have sent you the sample and hope it will reach you in a week or so. Please check the sample on receipt and inform the result by return. Awaiting your favorable reply.

Yours faithfully, Motoko Ohta, Owner”

Additionally there was some information about the 128 page b/w and color magazine:

“Japanese art & culture magazine. But NOT ‘otaku’. Mograg Magazine spotlights the works of relatively unknown art originators who relentlessly pursue their own worlds of expression with works that are filled with an edgy, strange magnetism, quite different from the anonymous, collective type of artwork, such as figure-focused anime and manga, that has become so common in the one dimensional otaku culture of today’s Japan.”

Thanks kindly for the Mograg! This is a beautiful piece of work with lots of interesting paintings and drawings. We will feature some of the enclosed artists over the next few days that have website addresses included in the magazine. (EDIT: Never mind, the websites didn’t do any of the work justice! It’s all better in magazine form.) So thank you also for the journey of eyeball discovery.

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