Letter to Meathaus: Heimer

Letter to Meathaus: Heimer

James Heimer of the Heimer bros. (Sam being the other), sent over a sturdy little zine called Dirt Work with thick cardboard covers with three silkscreened inks and mostly photocopied interiors. Sam’s drawings start on one side and James’ on the other (above, the first spread of drawings after the cover is Sam’s and the remaining below are James’). Also included was a letter:

“Thanks for the ‘meat love’ a few months ago. I really appreciate it. Meathaus is pretty much the only art blog I read on the regular. Here’s a new sketch zine I did with my brother. Keep making awesome stuff. -James”

You know it James. Thanks for the bro-zine. To see more Heimer, click on Sam’s website and James’ website. The above mentioned meat love is previously posted here.

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