Brandon Blogging Better

Brandon Blogging Better

Of course I’m opinionated about this stuff, the only thing I build websites on is WordPress and so I am supa-psyched that I no longer have to “be returned to my Live Journal Experience” after watching a 30 second video ad for Olive Garden (sometimes with no skip button) on Brandon’s old blog anymore before seeing a post because he has migrated his entire Live Journal of comics wisdom and debauchery to a blog. Here it is, subscribe to the RSS feed. Now all you kids out there would probably yell something about Tumblr but I heard on the 6 O’Clock news before eating my prunes and cottage cheese and going to bed that you damn kids probably don’t use email anymore either so pffft! Anyway doesn’t that Tumblr sheesh go down all the time? And what do I care about the 250 people who left “notes” on a post if the notes are just essentially them clicking a “like” button? I can’t do anything with that information. Anyway, back to Brandon. Cool. Good work.

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