The Accidental Space Spy

Hey, Tom Herpich here.  Chris is busy or dead or something for a few days, so I’m gonna post a couple links to some rad webcomics you may not have known about.  Today it’s The Accidental Space Spy by Øyvind Thorsby.  This is the same guy who made Hitmen for Destiny, which I loved, and which ended a few months back.

In all his stories, he’s constantly setting up these incredibly convoluted high-stakes misunderstandings among the characters, and then letting it unwind with perfect precision.  The “shape-shifter in the closet” scene from Hitmen, for example, was a comic masterpiece.  He also loves inventing weird creatures with fully developed evolutionary histories and ecosystem roles.  One other satisfying aspect of his craft:  you will never find yourself wishing that character X would just ask question Y or try solution Z;  they all try everything, and things still end up all haywire.  I get a really contented feeling from that;  it’s so rare.

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