Letter to Meathaus: Jesse Tise 2

Letter to Meathaus: Jesse Tise 2

Jesse Tise sent over a new zine and print and letter that read:

“Dear Meathaus, Wanted to say how much I love the site and all the awesome art you hightlight. Wanted to send along my latest zine creation– it’s full of aliens, robots, AND spacemen! Also included a new linocut mini-print too just for kicks! Cheers, Jesse Tise”

Well hey thanks, Jesse. A serene, mysterious print, and these spacemen are really are having communication problems with the robots. Getting into this mini-mini-zine stuck inside everything else like a Russian nesting zine. These fine items are available for you to acquire yourself here! Check out more Jesse Tise work at, here, and the last package sent over.

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