SVA Visual Arts Journal

SVA Visual Arts Journal

Hey, a lot of us went to and met up at The School of Visual Arts over a decade ago, and so the Visual Arts Journal caught up with us and included Meathaus in the latest issue in an article about collectives. Read the online version here. As usual, when something neat happens I find a way to end up cringing in my shame cube regardless. For instance I saw the reproduction of my cover for GO FOR THE GOLD! 3 shiny and bold, pleasingly paired with Keat Teoh‘s creep on the opposite page, and shuddered with my stupidity. The credit line says Chris McDonnell, and yes, I made that cover, but I also included bits of every contributing artist’s work in the background for the specific purpose of the GFTG sketchbook anthology. And here it is running in another publication with no credit noted on each of those fantastic background bits. I’m here to correct that by once again listing all the colloborators on GO FOR THE GOLD! 3, which you should buy if you haven’t already. It’s a sweet peach. Preview here. Meathaus store here. Complete list of contributors here:

Andy Ristaino, Arik Roper, Benjamin Marra, Bob Flynn, Dash Shaw, Dave Kiersh, Esao Andrews, Farel Dalrymple, Jason Sacher, Josh Latta, HARVEYJAMES™, Inés Estrada, Jesse Moynihan, Katie Rice, Kevin Fagan, Michaela Zacchilli, Mu Pan, Nathan Fox, Nicholas Gazin, Nick Bertozzi, Peter Chung, Rebecca Sugar, Ron Wimberly, Sam Kim, Thomas Herpich, Victor Cayro, Vincent Giard, Vincent Stall, Zachary Baldus, Tomer Hanuka, James Jean, Brandon Graham, Robertryan Cory, Al Columbia, and Chris McD.

Also above you also can see a page of Rabid Rabbit art, another comics-centric collection of ex-SVAers.

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