Devilman TV Credit Sequences

From the 1972 Japanese TV version of Go Nagai’s Devilman. Sort of related: When I was 15 I got a free VCR, antenna, and a found-in-the-trash computer monitor that had audio/video line-ins and with that combo I made myself a TV (VCRs often have their own TV tuners). From there I could watch the weird UHF and second-tier PBS broadcasts from local stations like the Saturday Kung Fu movies, Party In Progress, animation festivals, Cookin’ Cheap with Laban and Larry, Bob Ross’s painting show (of course), this hilarious German top 40 music video show called B.I.G. full of Meatloaf, Michael Jackson, and insane German techno, and the Urban Xpressions music show with _______ and Roz standing in front of a fake brick wall backdrop and operating the camera themselves. I swear I taped these ultra violent and mind-warping Devilman features off of channel 48 or 35 or something here in Philly… I don’t know where else I would have gotten it at that time. They were probably Devilman: The Birth (here’s part 5 of someone’s upload of the thing, the part with the demon battle) and Devilman: The Demon Bird which are OVAs.

What’s an OVA, anyway? I would like to read the original comics. Dash has.

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Original video animation. Means it was never made to be aired on TV, direct-to-video only I think.

Cookin’ Cheap was hilarious. Kung fu on 48 was amazing, ‘specially with some wprb late night techno as the soundtrack.

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