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• Once again this year Meathaus will be at the Philly Alt Comic Con on Sunday, August 14th. Once again I am psyched about such a fun show being in such close proximity to my case-loads of back issues and new comics ambitions. With the sting of not producing new books for MoCCA and not even being able to get away from work that weekend to attend that show still burning on my comics-hide, (Celia did make it to represent Meathaus and hung tuff), showing up at P.A.C.C. with a table of interestingness should be all the sweeter.

Sasquatch's Big Hairy Drawing Book by Chris McD

• Amid Amidi over at Cartoon Brew mentioned my new drawing/doodle book, Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book in this post yesterday, which totally caught my early promotional efforts with their pants down, which is a good thing because I had to quickly clean up my presentation of images over here where I had begun stashing samples from the book and examples of people’s drawings from the book. Anyway, I’ll certainly be posting about the book again closer to its release date this September, and if you are at all curious to read more unrestrained yakking about it until then there is always my McD Workshop blog, with pictures! I think there is a good chance I’ll have some of these at P.A.C.C. this August, but in the weird way publishing works I think it is better for everyone involved if you buy one from a retailer? Send me any questions you have about it and I’ll be happy to write back.

Inkstuds Panel with Brandon, Paul, Sam

Brandon was part of a super-panel recently discussing story concepts with comics-colleagues Paul Pope and Sam Hiti, hosted by Mr. Inkstuds Robin McConnell at TCAF, check it out here.

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