Jerry Waese Art

Jerry Waese Art

I think Jerry Waese tried to comment on a recent post and included an attempt to embed an iframe in the comment. I looked at it with suspicion as soon as I saw the iframe and some .php stuff. Who knows what kind of crazy junk that could call up. I didn’t approve it. But I saw that the comment’s author linked to a legitimate flickr account. I checked it out. It was full of drawings. I love drawings. And these were really confident, colorful, and drawn with a loose hand, full of an artist’s personality. A real pleasure to look at. So here they are! Thanks for your suspicious looking comment, Jerry, whatever it was.

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oh, well, too bad about that php caution,
fflipbook is a great idea I came up with to animate still images.
I have only used it comercially once animating strips of stopframe photography gimped into something suitable for augmented reality.
glad you like the art.
it is a passion for me

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