Letter to Meathaus: Helios

Letter to Meathaus: Helios

Helios Wilson Levick sent over a package full of photocopied drawings and comics and a letter that reads:

“Hello Meathaus, I have admired you from afar and for sometime now ( I think I was first introduced in 2004, when I found a link to you from Esao Andrews’s site (a site I had found linked from a post on an online forum)), and the variety of art & comics I have been exposed to thanks to you, have been largely instrumental to my artistic growth! This folio of photocopies has been sitting around waiting to be sent for probably six or seven months. Tonight is my last night in this house (eviction) and the intensive process of packing up and otherwise dealing with all of my crap, is the driving force behind me actually sending this. Also the reason why I scratched out the return address. I have a tumblr, where I was posting daily drawings and downloadable albums of my music, and although lack of interest has put it on hiatus, you may still find it engaging: Anyway, I enjoy what you do and have done and I hope you like my art, Helios”

All right thanks for the words and drawings, Helios. I checked out your blog and it is active again since you wrote this letter which is excellent news. It also appears you have a new place to draw, according to the video. Thanks for the drawings and the super tiny half inch wide zines and the drawing of Gnarly Wang, the only superhero with a gnarly wang. I really got into doing close-up shots of the endless line drawings.

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