JJ Villard Art

JJ Villard Art

JJ Villard at some point recently updated his website so there are all these sketchbook scans for you to look at, as well as his other work. JJ wrote Meathaus also with the tip that he’s got a new clothes line to show off and there’s a link to it over here, and a video of his sketchbook in action over here.

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JJ is a PERVERT ! And i dont like how his sketchbook
pages started w a guy going down on a girl.

I plan on going by JJ’s Comic Con stand to piss all over it!
Hopefully some pee splatter will get on that Jew guy who has the stand with him.
The effect of that will be art…not this shit.

Dig it. Always excited for new JJV art. Particularly his sketchbooks. raw & uninhibited mad genius.

I don’t like JJ. I don’t like his art. I don’t see what the big deal is with this guy. I think he also has tourettes.

Can anyone please hack into this fruit cakes
It’s poison to anyone’s visual sight d crap he has there ! Lame lame lame lame lame fruity fruit fruit lame!

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