Letter to Meathaus: Daniel Maw

Letter to Meathaus: Daniel Maw

Although Daniel Maw didn’t date the letter he wrote to Meathaus below, I already know from the shameful feeling in my gut that it was written and sent an ass-long time ago and has been waiting on the desk in a growing pile of your letters, Dear Reader. Wait, let’s check the postage… ARGH, May 24th. Well that might give you a sense of where I’m at handling this stack. Daniel sent Meathaus a large envelope stuffed with two comics, The Book Collector and Two Short Comics, which makes three I guess, a dimensional donkey with articulated legs in a baggie, some postcards, and some prints of a whale, ham, and genital creatures. Plus this letter:

“Dear MEATHAUS, Thanks so much for serving as the repository for all things colorful, creative, and crafty. It is my sincere desire that you will accept my contribution to the mailbag and elect to pass it along to your followers.

As I am typing this before deciding exactly which items to include in this package, I cannot say with certainty what you are looking at. Hopefully the contents strike you as amusing and engaging as opposed to inane and derivative. Hopefully.

Please visit my website at to witness other original creations in the form of art, illustration, comics, and animation. That is all.

Daniel L. Maw “

Well thanks for the package, Daniel, you must have a mini factory going over at your place producing all these varied items. This donkey toy looks especially great, like it came from the party section of Woolworths right next to the “gags” section full of plastic poop and garlic gum.

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