Drifting Parade by Concetta Barbera

Philly artist (and former co-owner of AMBLE Gallery) Concetta Barbera has a show of brand new drawings called “Drifting Parade” at Atlantis, the Lost Bar in the Kensington Section of Philly. The opening is the evening of Friday, September 2 at 6 PM. Atlantis is located at the corner of Frankford Avenue and Hagert Street.

Her artwork combines old fashioned and dreamy aesthetics, using delicate and wistful lines that radiate Concetta’s unique charm and sense of humor. The contraptions and characters in Concetta Barbera’s drawings may seem a little dysfunctional, but in a good way – like people and things that can only exist in a little kid’s awesome dream. If you know Concetta, you’ll see that her work very much mirrors how and who she is. If you don’t know Concetta, come out to the Lost Bar on September 2 and see these drawings and get to know her. The drawings are great, and she is someone worth knowing.

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