Sasquatch Deal

Super Cartoonists drawing on Sasquatch pages

Here is a shot of some super cartoonists drawing on pages from Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book along with a shot of their drawings. Robertryan Cory put this special drawing squad together with some pages and sent me these shots of the action recently. At the table were Pen Ward, Rex Hackleberg, Phil Rynda, Vincent Waller, and Kent Osborne, and it looks like a lady with painted red nails. Thank you lady and gentlemen! I wish I was at the table too having an Arnold Palmer and an egg sandwich.

Hey so now there are seven more days to get that SASQUATCH coupon code deal to buy Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book directly from Chronicle Books, which I am postulating gives them the most money out of any retail sale and in turn makes them say “hey Chris, let’s do a series of these books, by the way, you are our hero”. So that’s my guess as to what will happen. Oh yes, and it would be a good deal for you too, if you wanted the book at some point in the future. Don’t forget that the future is now, or was a little while ago. Nick Gazin interviewed me last week over at Vice about both Sasquatch and GO FOR THE GOLD! 4, so there is that too.

That coupon code, SASQUATCH, works just on the Chronicle Books site until September 30th, and just for USA orders. It gets you 20% off and free shipping. Off your whole order. Also the book is now available from many retailers online or off, and most bookstores can special order it for you on your request if they don’t have it.

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