Letter to Meathaus: Shayna Yates

Letter to Meathaus: Shayna Yates

Shayna Yates sent over an envelope with a grumpy gnome-bug with a drippy ice cream cone drawn on the front and a stash of mini comics and a letter inside that reads:

“Dear, I’ve always thought you were cute. Back when introduced me to you, I was instantly aflutter. I knew I’d admire you from afar for years to come, until I finally worked up the nerve to write to you personally. You probably haven’t seen me around before. I’m kind of a wallflower. My name is I don’t smell that great, but I show off my tits pretty often. Here is a picture of me:


Do you like me? ❏ yes ❏ no

I hope you do,, because I think you are one of the nicer websites around. XOXO,

Thanks Shayna for all the mini comics including The Elusive Tit-Fish and Circus of Love, my favorites, and all the other unexpected things you drew tits on too.

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