Be Friends With Sasquatch

Be Friends With Sasquatch

No, I’m not asking you to “friend” my fictional character as a marketing ploy so I can spam you. I’m giving you a hot tip instead. Yes I’m still trying to get you to buy my book, Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book for all your people, as a gift, time-waster, stocking-stuffer, menorah-stuffer, whatevs. But I’m being up front about it. No games. Buy my product. Remember, I am also the author of the seminal business zine, Business Up Front, essential business reading. And that’s how I live my life, man. Got to have a credo. The party is always in the back on the party deck.

Oh yeah… the hot tip. I was going to tell you that today is the last day to use that SASQUATCH coupon code on Chronicle Books to get Sasquatch 20% off + free shipping to USA orders that I mentioned earlier. But then I saw they had a better coupon code that also expires today. Shoot. Well I’m going to tell you about that one, if you use the code FRIENDS on Chronicle Books to buy Sasquatch today, you get 35% off + free shipping and the thing comes out to only $8.42. Yikes!

Above you can see the back cover of the book and Chronicle art director Michael Morris about to be devoured by the man-eating Sasquatch.

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