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New Jeffro Cantina Shirt

EDIT: This is Jeffro’s post from yesterday so the shirt link works but you can’t buy it anymore. Anyways check out Jeffro’s blog. -Chris

Today only I have a shirt on in one of those “one day only” sales. The shirt is a parody of the show Cheers and the bar scene in Star Wars.

I used to draw a lot of cartoons in bars and just cram the page with weird patrons. I think I started doing this back in 1996 or 1997 at the tail end of my college years. It was the first time I really remember kind of liking my own drawings.

A few of these drawings were used as fliers for local Philly bars, like this one:

I haven’t done one of these cartoons in years, but I kind of missed it. So i did this shirt design in that style. If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE go to Teefury’s website to take a closer look or get the shirt.

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