Bald Eagles Drawing

Bald Eagles Drawing

Victor sent over a new drawing to share with you, and the following description to add depth to your appreciation:

“I drew this on a piece of shrinky dink plastic at first very determined to keep it really simple, the other you-know-what, and I pooped up big time! El tiempo Gran Dal. Fisrt I had drawn this little Stud muff’McCRUNCHer on a piece of scrap paper in 06 or 07, who cares, liked him so much I never lost him, but I had also drawn him on a shirt in 07 08ish wen=ever, yeah and I wear the self declared fashionable designer of one of a kind artistic tee shirts walkin down the streets, all the cute boys whistle–whhheee-wheeeewwee! Could anyone imagine me wearing the Marylan Monroe white dress that famously got blown uo exposing her legs hips rumpus undergarmoniments? I’m Melting I’m Melting I’m Melting I’m melting , I’m melting!!!!! –that’s just the story of my life thus far, the working man’s Potleaf Digitalis. I’m really bad at impressions. I could use some more intense esoteric inside joking, i loving laughing so hard till I can’t breath, when you can’t stand up. I never had a legit blog, proper, but you know like it’s my time to just go with it girls, and just footloose and fancy free–yeah, top gear there, cuz I take proy’de in me ‘obby.”

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