Letter to Meathaus: Dave Nuss

Letter to Meathaus: Dave Nuss

Dave Nuss of Revival House Press sent over the next issue of Drew Beckmeyer‘s epic Everything Unseen, (parts 4 & 5), and a note that reads:

“Here it is! The 2nd issue of Everything Unseen (w/ parts 4 & 5). I hope you like it. It contiues where the first issue left off: our hero Charles Grodin navigating harsh, desert conditions. This one packs a punch! (War gods and all.) Take care and have a nice week -Dave”

Well thanks, Dave, and thank Drew too. This comic book will certainly make any week more pleasant, and it appears to be a nice hefty volume of material. Last year, Dave sent over volume one and you can see that package here.

4 thoughts on “Letter to Meathaus: Dave Nuss”

  1. I like CF’s comics and I like Drew Beckmeyer’s comics and I’ve got eyeballs and I see the surface/subject similarities and I know CF’s comics have been published years before Drew’s and continue to be published and thus I can assume that they influenced Drew’s comics heavily, and I still enjoy them both.

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