Custom Business Card Give Away

Custom Business Card Give Away

If you’ve been hanging around here long enough, you should know that I love business. BUSINESS! After many long, tortured years of resisting the concept of being in business, I embraced it. I learned that running your own business while maintaining your own standards of ethical and performance excellence can be a pinnacle of do-it-yourself achievement. I realized that drawing pictures and making books and videos and records and animating cartoons was what I loved doing growing up with my friends and that I would have to work hard to make that a viable option as my job. And I figured out that having a super fun business card to give to people that I meet is a really convenient way to give them the information, so I got over any goofy hang-ups that I had about that too, real quick.

These days there are a lot of companies out there that can print your custom designed business cards, postcards, stickers and other products. One that stands out is MOO, because they offer the option to have multiple designs in each order of cards, with no extra charges and plenty of low quantity print-run options that work for smaller budgets.

MOO knew what they were doing when they contacted us at Meathaus, because amongst you readers I know there are loads of visual artists/designers that are out in the world toughing it out as freelance warriors and business owners. You are the people that could certainly use some free business cards. So MOO has hooked us up with three coupon codes that will grant three winners of a random drawing 100 free cards.

All you have to do to get in the running is to comment anything on this post, making sure to enter a working email address in the appropriate spot, which is not viewable to the public but it is how winners will be contacted. The commenting will be open from now until early Monday morning when I get up. I get up early. For practical purposes, let’s just say until Sunday night. Then Monday morning I’ll pick three random winners and contact them with their codes that will work in both the US or UK centric stores that MOO operates. That’s it! Nice doing business with ya.

EDIT: Drawing is over! Stephen, bobotinkle and Mike have been notified that they won free biz cards!

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I was sitting in front of my computer, thinking ‘Gee, I wonder what I would put down as my profession: Out-of-Work Alcoholic or Professional Aplication Filler-Outer?’

Seriously, though, these cards look beautiful.

Businesses often have important “intellectual property” that needs protection from competitors for the company to stay profitable.

What a terrific offer! Of all the business printing places I’ve read of, MOO is the best of the bunch; without a doubt!

So far I’ve always been left out of my friends’ Patrick Bateman-style business card conversations. Now’s my chance to shine…

OK! has provided us with three random numbers between 1 and 43, the amount of entrants. The winners are: #15, #40 and #41!

Thanks for entering everybody. Meathaus will give away some more sheesh soon.

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