USGS Aerial Public Domain Images

USGS Aerial Public Domain Images

I’ve previously mentioned that now in the digital age we have instant access to loads of the neat visual stuff that the government has been commissioning for its own purposes. Artists can use any of the material without fear of rights conflict or resorting to a fair use defense because the work is in the public domain. Today @USGS on twitter, the U.S. Geological Survey mentioned that you can download print resolution files of aerial photography and more here. The above image is of the neighborhood that I live in in Philadelphia, resized smaller here. The original was 5000 by 5000 pixels, which is almost 16 inches square at 300ppi. I bet you could stitch a few adjacent images together and go super large. Awesome. You know how interesting Google Earth and Maps are? Well here’s all the same stuff without their watermarks all over everything, and they’re for you to have and use.

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