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Sasquatch's Big Hairy Drawing BookTo all peoples of all nations: I wrote and illustrated this drawing book that Chronicle Books just published, and it is called Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book. Kids and adults have been drawing on it and showing me a bunch of their weirdo drawings. You can too, and I’ll stash them over here.

I am giving away a free copy to three of you readers, and I’ll leave it blank or sign it or draw on one of the pages if you want. I recommend being lucky and winning one for free or buying some too because they are cheap gifts. To possibly win one, all you have to do is comment anything on this post before next Monday, the 21st of November when I will use the power of atmospheric vibrations to select three random winners. Make sure to fill in a real working email address in the appropriate field when you comment. It will not be publicly visible but that is how you will be contacted if you win.

This is a book based on the premise that drawing is fun and that everyone can do it. Besides all the swell things people have blurbed about it so far, here is a recent short review. Most importantly, here are some of the latest masterpieces that I have received, the top four from the Eidson family and the bottom from Q-train and mom:

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I am having a blast with my current copy; SOOOO much fun! I’ll probably need another copy, because I’m filling mine up quickly!!!

If I didn’t have drawing in my life, blood wouldn’t suffice to replace it. If I didn’t have blood, my first choice would be drawing. If they didn’t bag that succulent substance and stuff it through IV tubes, I’d have to choose blood. But of course if they had drawing as an option, I’d choose that over blood. This book is probably well worth the money requested to own it, since it clearly buffers my existing prejudices against people who don’t draw and in the same blow, those who don’t need blood in their veins. Luckily, good circulation will help you enjoy this book, since it will allow you to hold it. Having a good grip on this ridiculous book is a fairly decent prerequisite for actually absorbing it’s contents, although having a deeply ingrained, yet essentially human and therefore natural love of drawing won’t hurt either.

As a six-year reader and occasional consumer of Meathaus, I think it’s high time I put out my GIMME fist, and collect my dues. I DESERVE FREE GOODS IN THE FORM OF A BIG HAIRY DRAWING BOOK. Thank you in advance, and also from the future. That is all.

(PS: Thanks for taking the time to please my visual cortex over the years, and for taking the time to draw something weird in my copy of GFTG3!)

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