Letter to Meathaus: Kevin Czap

Letter to Meathaus: Kevin Czap

Dang I’ve got a couple overwhelming packages to post today. First up we have a seriously generous stash of comics sent over by Kevin Czap and a letter that explains it all:

“Here’s a bunch of stuff that my pals and I have been working on over the past year. PUPPYTEETH is a group anthology I started with Liz Suburbia to give us all an outlet to print our stuff. Waffles is a little porno I did recently and The Velvet Ants is my version of a 7 inch single.

Cyanide Milkshake is Liz’s zine and it kicks a lot of ass. The three other minis of hers are brand new and some of my favorite comics. Mia Protasi is by my brother.

Anyway really love the Meat Blog – one of my top resources for new and weird stuff. It’s definitely contributed a lot to expanding my palette, so I’m eternally grateful (also, thanks so much for letting me take part in the Melting Pot zine). Hope you like ’em! Take care, Kevin Czap

Thanks for the load, Kevin! Outstanding, these books are full of funny drawings and ideas. On first glance I love the Czap bird headed people and the Suburbia parody ads especially. Got to read the rest. Glad the Meathaus website is useful. Check out more from this comics crew at the above links and get copies of PUPPYTEETH and links to the associated artists here.

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