Package From Casey

Out of Print Zine

Out Of Print Show

Not necessarily a letter to Meathaus but certainly Meathaus-interest-related, check out this video of this gigantic envelope that arrived at my door from Casey Farnum, friend of Meathaus, and a man who will cross state lines for a laser/fog-machine party. It included buttons from the Rocksteady Yeti sets he co-DJs, important headlines from the NY Post, some jamz on CDz, adorable puppy stickers with metallic borders, original drawings and this OUT OF PRINT zine that accompanied an art show that recently was up at the Booklyn Art Gallery with work by Casey, Dina Kelberman, Jason Roy and Mike Taylor. Also above is a shot of multi-zines from Booklyn’s flickr gallery where you can see shots of the show, and lasers.

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