Letter to Meathaus: Jack Hayden

Letter to Meathaus: Jack Hayden

Got this package that was packed so tight I had to shred the envelope to get these zines and drawing out and there was a letter in there from Jack:

“Ay yo Chris, Greetings from Portland, Oregon. This is Jack Hayden AKA SNAKEBOMB AKA SNAKESOREILLY on da internet. I heard you didn’t get a chance to peruse the collective stench wares at PACC! To make up for it I sent you Snakebomb Comix 1 and 2, featuring a couple bros that have probably been featured on Meathaus in the past (Brandon Graham for sure and Eric Benton in #1). Enjoy our crusty, creepy, big butt obsessed sequential filth.

The 3rd book I sent is AREACC, the debut full length solo comic published by Snakebomb Comix. It was written and illustrated by my friend A. Degen (AKA A.D.) and it’s also his first comic book. AREACC stands for “Advanced Real Estate Adventure Coco”. There are shit-tons of fine art + literary references buried in the story, including Nabokov’s Pale Fire, Ubu Enchanted, Candide, “Et In Arcadia Ego”, the Shugborough code, Japanese language puns, etc. You don’t have to understand ’em to read the book, though! Digging underneath AREACC‘s “silent” action narrative yields some interesting secrets.

You making it to BCAGF this year? I’m tabling with the Collective Stench kids (we’re right next to the Closed Caption Comics). Come say what up if you’re in town!

Keep on keepin’ on, Meathaus 4EVR –Jack

Whoa thanks for these comic books Jack, they are looking and reading real smooth. This drawing is eyeball-exciting. Meathaus wont be repped at the Brooklyn fest tomorrow, so bummer all around! But that show will certainly be full of comics energy!

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