Letter to Meathaus: Stephen Neary

Letter to Meathaus: Stephen Neary

Animation fella and sketchbook enthusiast Stephen Neary sent over a note and sketchbook zine full of colorful cartoons. A spread inside in which he mourns the loss of the great Bob Ross confirms to me that many of us that make cartoons learned a lot from Mr. Ross’s PBS painting show. The note reads:

“Dear Meathaus, I really love your blog and all the amazing work it features. Please keep up the awesome work! With a humble heart I send this stupid little book I made. (Please don’t tell my boss that I printed it out at work.) And lil’ postcards for some cartoons I made. Thanks again for the blog–it goes great w/ coffee. Sincerely, Stephen”

Thanks for this zine Stephen, and remember to always keep Bob’s vision alive. I only hope the next generation of artists can absorb some of that Bob flavor some way, some how.

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