Letter to Meathaus: Laserboys

Letter to Meathaus: Laserboys

Got a Luftpost package from Stuttgart from Marcel Mendler and Patrick Oltean which had this comic book Laserboys Vs. Lord Fleyschzahn: An Epic Tale of Hope and Loss with a CD which I’m listening to now by the Laserboys which so far has some drum loops, metal guitar, and the low monster voice metal guy and the high voice metal guy combo which always works well and now some synth dance beats oh wait now back to metal riffs and a letter:

“Hi Folks!

We’ve been fans of your website for years. Great job! We thought a long time about contributing something to your blog. So here it is! It’s a booklet for a German band called Laserboys. We’ve been working on it the last few months. The comics tells the story behind the music in an epic tale of hope and loss. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Regards, Marcel & Patrick”

Hey thanks a lot Marcel and Patrick for sending this comic booklet and jams over, I like to look at all these twisted figures and especially enjoy the track title pages and custom lettering in the book, one for every track on the CD. Also I enjoy huffing this distinctive ink smell.

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